Secret Smoke – Blueberry OG (Indica) (AAA+)


Blueberry OG is a 50/50 hybrid that has an OG flavor of blueberry. Most people that don’t grow do not understand that this is an insanely hard strain to cultivate. It was conceived by crossing Blueberry and Og Kush. Its high consists of quite an ability to alleviate depression, stimulate appetite and create a sense of euphoria. It has also been commented that it helps with inflammation.

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Secret Smoke uses state of the art lab facilities and employ qualified technicians.

These vapes are designed to work with low viscosity liquids. The distillates being “smoked” are high viscosity liquids that do not flow efficiently through the vape ceramic coil delivery system.

Your health is important to us. We’ve improved the vape/distillate flow rate and burn efficiency by improving our distillate. We employ pharmaceutical technicians to formulate the correct distillate viscosity.

We use only natural ingredients to increase our distillate viscosity. We have done exhaustive battery tests to ensure a long vape battery life. However, most vapes atomizers are not on the bottom of the cartridge; therefore they can look like they have distillate in them but they dont burn. This is why we add more than we advertise to make sure you get the right value for your money.

We’ve developed a natural proprietary process to increase distillate viscosity. All our terpenes are extracted from real fruits, except the cotton candy flavor. This makes our process more expensive. The fact is that a natural process is much healthier for our customers.

Vape pens should be stored at room temperatures.


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